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New law cracks down on red light camera nonpayers!

Delaware is going after the people who haven’t been paying their red light camera violations. Also, they will be unable to re-register the vehicle until all fines have been paid. Why get a ticket in the first place? You can protect your license plates with an anti photo radar license plate cover – PhotoMaskCover. The … Continue reading

Anti Photo License Plate Cover News

Recently we have added a Facebook like button on our Photomaskcover site so that you can let all of your friends know about protecting and blocking license plates from the photo cameras and as a bonus for your referral, we will give you an instant 5% discount on your entire order! We want to thank … Continue reading

Speed Camera License Plate Covers

With more red light and speed cameras showing up in many cities, it has never been a better time to protect your license plate with the best anti photo license plate cover available. In Vancouver, Canada, a new photo radar location will come up that motorists need to be aware of. As of September 1st, … Continue reading

Photo License Plate Shield Facebook Discount!

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July update for PhotoMaskCover!

Just a quick July update on what has been going on at photomaskcover.com! A lot of people have been asking us if this is really the best license plate cover you can get for your car. Without over hyping our product, we noticed a common trend in that we see is that a lot of … Continue reading

City Council Narrowly Approves Red Light Camera Contract

Get an anti red light photo camera license plate cover! photomaskcover.com In a 4-3 decision Monday night, City Council approved a revised contract to operate five red light cameras in San Leandro for an additional eight years. The city will sign a contract with Redflex Traffic Systems worth more than $2 million to operate the … Continue reading

Red-light cameras reduce crashes, bring in revenue

Why get a ticket? Protect your license plate http://www.photomaskcover.com Westminster’s red-light camera program will continue as long as fine revenue exceeds the cost to run it, officials said. The Automated Enforcement Program raised more than $16,670 in its first year. Since the program was launched last spring, traffic crashes and red-light violators were lower than … Continue reading

Avoid Red Light Camera Tickets! Get a red light anti photo radar license plate cover!

Avoid Red Light Camera Tickets! Get a red light anti photo radar license plate cover! photomaskcover.com Whether they like photo enforcement, Peoria leaders seem to agree on one thing: it’s not clear whether red light cameras are actually making the city’s streets any safer. During a study session of the City Council on Tuesday, the … Continue reading